Wednesday, October 1, 2008

A Distraction

I've been doing tons of knitting lately. Does that mean I have any progress photos to show of my personal projects? Nope, not a one. A while ago I had designed and knit some baby mittens for my Etsy shop. Well recently the last of them sold. And this being the beginning of prime mitten season, and also the time where the holidays are looming (translating into a very good time to stock your shop to overflowing) I decided to replenish the supply. I set a goal of listing 30 pairs of mittens. In my chronic case of delusion on how much knitting I can accomplish, I thought, "I'll have them finished in a week, maybe a few days more." And yes, I did have the sense to consider that during that time I also have to work my regular job, be a mom, and handle all the usual daily tasks like dinner, laundry, etc. But even with that in mind, I remained deluded. I am now one week into it and have completed ten pair. Granted, they are knit in fingering weight yarn. And there was that one little obstacle........I didn't have the sense to keep good notes when I originally worked out the design.......or even the foresight to place whatever notes I had in a location where I could, well, locate them. So I had to start from scratch, however, not being one who enjoys repeating the same mistakes over and over, the very meticulously written pattern is now in a composition book devoted solely to such things. Here's the first of the completed bunch, which I've dubbed the Falling Leaves Mittens:

Falling Leaves Baby Mittens 048 by you.

Falling Leaves Baby Mittens 045 by you.

I don't know that I'll be blogging much in the near future. There are so many things I'm wanting to get done right now. Also, any time I've been on the computer for pleasure lately, I've been reading your blogs. It's something I've gotten behind on lately, and I really miss it. So forgive my silence, but I'm much more in the mood to read about knitting, than to write about it. Now pardon me, I've some wee hand warmers to be working on.


handknit168 said...

they are cute and cool.

Jessica, aka TopazGirl said...

Those mittens are totally adorable! :)

Marie said...

These mittens are so cute! It's no wonder you sold out of them in your Etsy store. Good luck knitting more up and listing them in your store.

Knittymuggins said...

Love the mittens! And best of luck getting them all finished :)

I agree. There are "seasons" to blogging it seems. Sometimes it's much more fun to read others' blogs than it is to write in our own and sometimes, vice versa. I seem to be on the writing vs. reading phase lately, but hoping to balance it out soon :) Take care!


a friend to knit with said...

total total cuteness!!!

SaintDH said...

how do you embellish with felt without compromising the integrity of the mitten? I have so many knit mittens and I want to embellish with felt but I'm scared it will ruin them.

Knitting said...

These are so pretty! I love the colors. They are so warm and inviting! I’m knitting a pair of mittens with handspun right now. It really is a whole different animal from commercial yarn.


Coupons said...

Those mittens are so pretty!