Wednesday, August 27, 2008

When The End Is Not The End

I didn't intend to go a month without blogging. But at the end of July when I realized school started in only one month, and the end of Summer would be following close behind, I felt the need to squeeze as much sunny day fun as I could out of the remaining time. My computer has seen very little of me lately because of it. But through it all, I have still been knitting.

Buttony Sweater (1) by you.

North of those needles is nearly an entire Buttony sweater. What's missing is three inches of ribbing at the bottom. Oh, and I'm out of yarn. And that yarn has been discontinued. It's Jaeger Extra Fine Merino Chunky in the Petal colorway. But I have not panicked yet. I was able to locate two places where this yarn still exists. One of them is in a fellow raveler's stash, and it's even the same dye lot. I have not yet asked said raveler if she'd be willing to sell one skein (she has 20). That's plan B if plan A doesn't work out. The online shop where I originally purchased this yarn (a year and a half ago) still has some in stock. But she has it listed for sale by the 10 skein bag. All I need is one skein. So I emailed the shop owner inquiring about the dye lot, explaining my dilemma, and asking if she'd be willing to sell a single ball of it. That was three days ago, and I haven't yet heard back from her. Cross your fingers for me............

Buttony Sweater (3) by you.

Buttony Sweater (4) by you.

Buttony Sweater (5) by you.