Sunday, July 13, 2008

From The Archives

Today's post is from an idea that's been floating around my head for some time now. Anyone who's even remotely active in the online knitting community knows that like most areas of human culture, knitting has it's fads, it's "it" projects. Things that everyone and their sister are knitting/have knit, projects that are showing up on blogs world-wide. A perfect example of this is Clapotis, which on Ravelry alone, has 6,662 projects, with another 3,625 people who intend to make it in the future. And how about Jaywalker, Fetching, Odessa, Endpaper Mitts, or the Central Park Hoodie? I'm sure you could add at least twenty more names to that list. And while many of these patterns are on my To-Knit list, the point of "From The Archives" is to highlight some very cool knitting patterns that for whatever reason, never rose to knitting fame. I use the term "Archive" loosely. These could be patterns that were published 4 months ago, or 65 years ago. As for some of the vintage ones, who knows? They may have been a cult classic in their own time, but I wasn't alive to know it. =) Occasionally you may have to look past big hair or tacky accessories in order to see what a purl in the rough an old pattern is. And I may even throw in a sewing or crochet pattern here and there.

My first is example is a sweater from the Fall-Winter 1968 issue of Good Housekeeping Needlecraft.

The "Belted Cardigan" is knit at a worsted weight gauge. I'm considering making this one myself.


Alyssa said...

I love that sweater! My mom has tons of old knitting books and magazines. When I go home we liked to flip through them. We giggle at some and long to knit others. Its wonderful!

Knittymuggins said...

Fun! I *love* vintage patterns and occasionally flip through my 1940's or 50's Vogue Knitting Magazines looking for things to reinterpret for today's styles.


Marie said...

I love some of the classic sweaters.
Unfortunatley, I don't agree with you on this particular sweater and it's only because I couldn't pull it off. That belt and loops sitting on my hips - oh, no! I don't need to attract anymore attention to that area.
But, I'm sure it would look fab on you.

Anonymous said...
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