Friday, May 2, 2008

Spitting On My Knitting

I've learned a new technique, and I'm a little excited about it. First, see exhibit A:

That used to be two ends of yarn

While working on my Mini Sweater, I reached a point of needing to attach another ball of yarn when I was very near the end of a row. I didn't like the idea of ripping back that row and then waisting such a long tail of yarn. I remembered that recently I had been listening to some of the older Stash & Burn episodes, and they had talked about spit splicing and given a link to a tutorial. The Jaeger Extra fine Merino I'm knitting with is a perfect candidate for this technique (100% wool and not superwash). I was amazed how quickly and easily the two ends felted together - in less than 30 seconds of rubbing them in my palm. Being the skeptical type, who doesn't believe something unless she's tested it out for herself, I of course gave the newly attached join some good hard tugs to make sure they were secure, and they were - impressively so. This is a technique I plan to use wherever possible in the future.

Since we're on the topic of the Mini Sweater, I'll give you an update. You may recall that the last time I touched it was a couple months ago. I had reached the point of needing to slip all the stitches onto scrap yarn in order to try it on, and then promptly set it aside to cast on for another project. Two days ago I finally tried it on and found that it wasn't yet big enough. The sleeves have to meet under your arms before you're ready to move on to the next step. So I put all the stitches back on the needles and knit eight more rows, including four increase rows. Then I tried it on again. The sleeves still didn't quite fit, yet the front and back were starting to look dangerously close to the verge of being too big. Grrr. >= ( It seems my deltoids are a little bigger than most people my size. I'm currently knitting on the sleeves by themselves and hoping that works out.

Remember how my plan was to finish the Child's Classic Ribbed Cardi before I went back to the Mini Sweater? Well I'm happy to report that things are coming along as planned - the Cardi is finished, finito, done-da-done-done-done! And I love it. It's currently sitting on my ironing board, folded up all pretty. I occasionally glance over to admire it. =) I'm hoping to get pictures of it on Sophie and put together an FO post sometime next week.

Happy knitting.

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Marie said...

Fascinating! Thanks for the link to the tutorial.