Monday, May 26, 2008


Something I've never told you guys - I've had this fantasy of being a button lady for quite some time. By that, I mean I imagined having a large collection of beautiful buttons of all shapes, colors, sizes, and materials that I store in a vintage tin. I love the idea for a variety of reasons. Similar to the joys of having a yarn or fabric stash, imagine the fun of rummaging through and admiring the beauty and possibilities of all those practical baubles. Of knitting a sweater and consulting the tin with the knowledge that the perfect closures can be found within. The memories it'll create for Sophie as she whiles away an afternoon playing with the colorful whosits and whatsits at the kitchen table. I already had a small (as in it could barely be considered a collection) assortment of buttons that I kept in an entirely unromantic clear plastic box. And Sophie already does like to take them out and play with them. But I tend to use them up faster than I purchase them. Recently I took a trip to the fabric store and bought a few cards of new buttons, that had no immediate use in mind. Actually, I originally had five times as many cards piled in my shopping cart, before I talked some sense into the impulsive shopper in me (you'd be amazed how quickly $1.50 - $7.00 a card can add up).

When I got home, I called my mom and asked her if she happened to have any old cookie tins lying around. She told me she'd look, and true to her word, the next time I saw her she handed me a genuine vintage cookie tin. I quickly placed my growing collection into their new home and sat back to admire.

Oh, and by the way, it would be completely ridiculous to go into a fabric store and not actually buy fabric, don't you think? I knew you all would understand my reasoning. =)

Unlike the buttons, this is stash with a plan.

The top three are cottons for summer dresses. The pink and white striped is a cozy flannel for button up pajamas w/matching pants. The mauve baby corduroy is for a pair of capris. And the white muslin on the bottom is a very light weight cotton for lining some fabrics that I want to sew summer tops/dresses with, but that might not be quite opaque enough to maintain a girl's modesty. ;)


Marie said...

I love all your pretty buttons and fabrics! Have fun playing with them all.

knittingpanda said...

Lovely buttons! I too have a dream of being a button lady.

meg said...

I want to be that button lady too!!!! I aspire to it :)

I love the fabric that you picked out, you've got a good eye. I get very overwhelmed in fabric stores and have a hard time picking out the ones I really like

Knittymuggins said...

Hooray! A fellow button lover! I've got piles and I keep mine in antique mason jars. Sadly, they're currently in boxes in the garage :( When I moved in with hubby there just wasn't (still isn't) room for my lovely collection. Incidentally, when I was a kid I used to keep my very small fabric stash in vintage cookie tins :)

Love the new fabrics and buttons and look forward to being there for your "button lady" transformation!


a friend to knit with said...

oh a button lady! now that has a nice ring to it! :)
i love all of those fabrics. summer cotton dresses sound grand!

Knitwise said...

I LOVE buttons too!
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This lady was given a tin of old buttons and does a lot of knitting with buttons added (some free patterns are on the blog).