Tuesday, March 18, 2008


While wandering the web, I found this site: Help Others.org. Not only was it fun to browse, but I found and promptly ordered my very own Smile Cards.

They're free and you can even print your own out instead of waiting for snail mail. My printer is currently out of commission. In reality, you don't need any cards in order to do nice things. These appealed to me not only because carrying them in my wallet will be a reminder, but also they encourage others to pass it on.

While perusing Ravelry, I found that I'm not the first person to hold such a contest. The Loopy Ewe held one like it this past December. I've never shopped there, but am familiar with them from listening to the Lime & Violet Podcast. And another blogger, inspired by The Loopy Ewe, did the same. If you like reading inspirational stories, and I confess that there was a point in my life where I devoured every Chicken Soup For The Soul book I could find, go read the great comments on her blog.

To reply to some of the comments already left:
Samantha said, "If I win, I'm going to do something similar on my blog!"
I had been thinking about suggesting that when I decided to have the contest. My only hesitations were that I didn't want anyone to feel obligated, and what if the winner didn't have a blog? But since you spoke up, I have to say I think it's a great idea. =) And I don't think winning this contest is a prerequisite for doing so. If any of you decide to, let me know so I can come participate.

Black Sheep Knitting Guild was thoughtful enough to enter her friend for multiple acts of generosity.

And finally, warning: mushiness ahead-
Anyone who knows me very well, knows that my favorite sort of people in the world are children. They posses some of the most endearing qualities, and in my opinion, are some of the most deserving of kindness and generosity. So when I read Aunt Kathy's comment - "I have also started making blankets for a NASCAR charity Victory Junction Gang, every camper goes for free and leaves with a blanket and a teddy bear. They are all terminally ill children, it's a wonderful charity.", my eyes started to feel a little teary. But I also felt inspired. That is exactly the kind of charity that would interest me. So thank you for bringing that one to my attention.

Whoever said, good deeds come back to you ten-fold, had a penchant for underestimation.

For the knitting portion of this post, I'm happy to say I've made some progress. And I have some pictures to prove it.

Two completed fronts sitting atop the completed back of the Child's Classic Ribbed Cardi

The buttons I picked out yesterday

I've cast both sleeves on at once, and will be knitting more this evening. I'm feeling antsy about finishing this sweater and The Minisweater. Both have lingered on my needles long enough that I'm starting to feel bored with them. I want to get a move on before boredom turns into downright apathy. Also, there may be one other teeny tiny reason. See this?

The right hand corner on my Ravelry profile page

I currently have 215 projects queued and that list keeps growing. And um, see where it says "97 faves"? Well my favorites are actually more queued projects, where I liked one persons version of a project way better than the one displayed on the main page. So I'm finding that having 312 potential new projects swimming tantalizingly before me is sort of motivating towards finishing up my stale old projects. By the way, I'm curious..........I can't be the only one with such a large queue, right?


Knitted Gems said...

Cute cards! What a sweet gesture.

And the queue, I'm afraid it's just you. I only have 8. I had more - like 12 -, but I trimmed it back down to the projects I would actually get to in my lifetime. Of course, if I were totally honest with myself, I'd have less than five listed, but a girl has to keep some hope alive.

knittingpanda said...

I am so glad to here that someone else has so many projects they would like to knit. I only have a couple in my actual queue but I have like 300 or so in my favorites that I would like to knit and I just keep adding more and more.

Crafty Mommy said...

Thanks for the Kindness idea! I ordered some cards for my son and myself. I really enjoy your blog:)

Mr Puffy's Knitting Blog: said...

I have at least 200 "faves" which is where I store projects that I like and may knit someday. It's a great way to remind yourself of patterns/designers you like! Now, if you had over 200 projects with yarn stashed - that would be S.A.B.L.E.(stash enhancement beyond life expectancy) and that might be a problem :) I say only "might" be a problem :)