Monday, March 31, 2008

Showing Some Sleevage

Okay, maybe my sense of humor hasn't matured past that of a ten year olds, but that title makes me laugh.
I'm a few rows short of binding off the sleeves on the Child's Classic Ribbed Cardi. Then I'm onto the sewing up and finishing.

Have you noticed that every single picture I've taken of this project has appeared a different color? I think this one is the closest to real life so far.

And in a classic move known by bloggers everywhere who lack exciting news to share, I give you some cool links I've recently found:
  • Fashion Fabrics Club has a HUGE selection of fabrics at amazingly low prices. I have not yet ordered from them, so I can't vouch for customer service, etc.
  • Free sewing patterns from Burda.
  • If you use a digital camera and rechargeable batteries, the day will eventually come when the batteries need to be replaced. This site takes the confusion out of purchasing appropriate and quality ones.
  • Speaking of photography, if you love black and white (and who doesn't), you could piffle away some time here.
  • A useful resource for looking up knitting and crochet standards, from garment sizing and needle sizing to yarn care symbols and tips for new designers.
  • Every knitter ought to have a pet lamb, don't you think?
  • Martha never seems to run out of good ideas.
P.S. Thank you to everyone who took the time to participate in the Contest Of Kindness! Comments will be closed in a few hours. A name will be drawn and announced within the week, and the winner will be notified.


Marie said...

Ooh, your sleeves are so pretty! I just love the lilac color.

Hadley Gets Crafty said...

Free sewing patterns! Be still my beating heart....

Rosie said...

Lilac is my favorite but it's definitely hard to photograph accurately. Your sleeves are gorgeous! And thanks for the awesome links. Martha is my "hero."