Sunday, January 27, 2008

Irish Hiking Wrist Warmers

FO: Irish Hiking Wrist Warmers

From: A free pattern on Wine and Needles blog, which you can find here.
Knit For: Me!
Size: These are a One Size Fits Most pattern
Yarn: Challenger by Chat Botte. A vintage french yarn - 94% acrylic/6% wool, light worsted, 102 yards per skein, shade - Blanc (more of a cream color than white). I used just a few yards short of one skein.
Started: January 20, 2008
Finished: January 22, 2008
Modifications: I knit an additional 8 row repeat for wrist warmers that were slightly longer.
My Thoughts: Okay, let me first say that I do like these. I wear them often, like the way they look on my hands, and have even received compliments on them. However, I am slightly disappointed with them. You may recall that I first made a pair of these for my Mom in Jaeger Extra Fine Merino. I chose the Chat Botte yarn from my stash because the color perfectly matched a store bought hat and scarf that I wear often. But compared to the Extra Fine Merino, this yarn was not nearly as enjoyable to work with. It had the slightly grippy/crunchy feel that acrylic yarn can have. But even more disappointing, was how my yarn choice effected the end product. The Extra Fine Merino was so soft and squishy with a beautiful hand and fantastic memory/elasticity. The same can not be said for the Chat Botte. When I take these off they do not contract back into cabley/ribby goodness. They remain stretched and limp, reminding me of an overcooked noodle. I'm pretty positive that it's only because I'm a knitter, that I notice or care about this.

This is my third project that involved cables, and I'm finding that I really like knitting them. There's something so satisfying about creating them. While knitting away, I find myself thinking things like "Look Ma! I'm knitting in 3D!" (Did I just admit that?)

I cast on for the Minisweater/Boobholder on Thursday. Here she is:

Did I ever mention that I love pink? Cause I do. From shades that are so pale that they seem to bashfully whisper their color to the world, across the spectrum to ones that make me feel like I'm celebrating being a girl by wearing them.


Psyched2Knit said...

Gorgeous wrist warmers! Enjoy!

SewKnitMama said...

They look gorgeous! The stretched-out thing would bug me, too!

Knitted Gems said...

Sorry to hear that the yarn has been disappointing. The warmers still look wonderful.
Cables are probably my favorite knitting technique. I just love the look of them and the process of knitting them.

MrPuffy said...

Love the new pink shrug thingy - it will be very pretty!

metaDAD said...

cute, practical and strangely sexy...