Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Invisible FOs

I finished the blue Irish Hiking Wrist Warmers that I was making for my Mom on the 18th. But I ended up giving them to her before I thought to get pictures of them. She seemed to like them, and thanked me more than once. Yay! Two days later, I cast on a pair for myself in a white vintage wool/acrylic blend by Chat Botte, called Challenger. I took this picture yesterday.

One's completed and seamed, and the other was nearly finished. But then I ended up finishing them last night. They still need blocked, so the FO post and pics will have to wait.

So, I'm curious. Are you starting to notice something in regards to my color choices for projects? Call me unobservant, but until a few days ago when I opened up my "Projects" page on Ravelry, and the last nine things I've knit were staring back at me, I hadn't realized that every single one of them is either white or pale blue. How could I not have noticed?! It reminds me of the time when I was about 16, I opened up my closet and suddenly realized almost every piece of clothing in there was green. I get on color jags, where I'm unconsciously drawn to a certain color over and over again. But now that both pairs of wrist warmers are done, I'm on the prowl for some new projects to cast on. I swear for the sake of variety, I will choose yarns other than blue or white. =)

One potential project I'm eyeballing is the Minisweater (a.k.a. Boobholder) by Stefanie Japel. Though, the original is a little too foofy for my tastes. I really like this, this, and this version. I shall be swatching a.s.a.p.

One last thing for now. Thank you to all of you who take the time to leave comments on my humble little blog. It's so much fun to hear your thoughts and feedback. Often times I want to reply to your comments, but I've never been sure how I should go about it. Should I leave my reply in the comments? Should I email my reply? Should I reply in a future post? Should I reply in the comments on their blog? Well, I've finally realized that all this over analyzing has only resulted in one thing - me not replying to comments. So I've decided to quit it, and get on with it. Suzy, who is a new knitter and just started a blog {Welcome, welcome! I think you'll find that the worlds of Knitville and Blogland are very fun places to visit. =) }, left this comment on this post:

" Steph! I am a newby and just started a seed stitch sweater in All Seasons Cotton yesterday. The folks at the LYS said I could not knit the bonnet in ASC but needed to knit it in the yarn it called for. Then I saw your beautiful set and wondered if you had to adjust the bonnet pattern for the ASC. Loved the Mary Janes! Do you sell that pattern on ETSY? Thanks for any insight!"

Okay, first I want to confess that I feel the urge to stomp into that yarn shop and lecture those people for telling you that you can't knit the bonnet in All Seasons Cotton but have to knit it in the yarn called for. In my opinion, there are very few "cant's" and "have to's" when it comes to knitting. It frustrates me that someone in the position of a LYS owner would impress that on a new knitter. I think knitters (and crocheters, and sewers for that matter) should be encouraged to experiment, and feel empowered to alter any project as they see fit. Yes, you can knit the bonnet in All Seasons Cotton! How do I know this? Because I just did! I very rarely knit a project in the yarn called for. And I very often alter a pattern to be knit to a size or gauge that isn't given in the pattern. More than once, I've thought about writing a post explaining how I go about doing this. Alas, laziness has always deterred me. But that comment gave me the motivation to do it. I'll try to put the post together within a week. If it takes me a couple days longer, don't hold it against me. Sometimes life's pesky responsibilities get in the way of my plans.
As for the Mary Janes, I often make my own patterns (mainly for sewing, but a few for knitting), but I've yet to ever organize one enough to present it to others. It's another one of those things that I've thought about, but my horrid laziness prevents me from doing. =) If I ever do, I think I want to give at least the first few out as free patterns. My reason for that is, I'm so often amazed by how many wonderful free patterns knitters and sewers so generously put up for other's use. And well, generosity inspires generosity...........


String Theory Blog said...

Okay, first off, I too am making the Irish Wristwarmers, and I got the pattern by way of your blog, so thank you! I love it! And, I'm making them in Oatmeal Encore Worsted (left over from the Christmas Sweater - I love this pattern because it seems perfect for fun with leftover, you know?).
Second: Color choices - like food preferences, everyone has their palette - mine is blue/black/grey/purple. No matter how hard you try to stretch (when I went to a weaving class, they forced us out of palette and it was very painful, actually, I learned I don't do desert southwestern) you find yourself drifting back . . . it's okay. Play more with fibers and texture - I've seen beautiful complex sweaters that were all white and ecru done in different yarns and fibers.
Third: Yarn substitution not allowed - what is this silliness????? Holy Soupnazi. Perhaps it's a misguided attempt to save a newbie from heartbreak, but why discourage when you can teach a larger concept? People who knit/crochet/weave should understand the wonderful complexity of fiber design that is "hand", the interplay of guage and material. Having to use only the yarn in the pattern sounds like a prison sentence! And what if you find a great older pattern and the proscribed yarn is no longer in production?

(And finally - six is a wonderful age. Everything blooms. Sophia is beautiful.)

SewKnitMama said...

LOVE your IHW in white! I made them last year in a cranberry color, but I think the white is just perfect. :)

Rosie said...

Those wristwarmers are absolutely gorgeous! I've been thinking of making myself a pair for those really cold days here in Cleveland when I'm working. My little fingers just get frozen. Thanks for the comment on my blog! Nice to meet another reader.

Knitted Gems said...

When I was organizing my stash, I couldn't believe how much blue yarn I owned. I try to be strict with myself and not buy any more yarn in blue. But I know I'll cave, because I love blue.
BTW - I'm like you. I almost never knit a pattern with the recommended yarn. Altering the yarn (or picking the fabric for sewers) is how you add your own personality to a pattern.

soandsewcrafty said...

I envy anyone who can do what you do! Beautiful work!