Sunday, December 2, 2007

Convicts, Felt, Christmas, And Squirrels

I happened upon the cutest Christmas crafting book at the library the other day. It's brought to us by none other than Martha Stewart. I'm really not sure what my opinion on her is, other than the fact that I love her crafts. I read one of her many biographies awhile back, and it certainly didn't shine the most flattering light on her. However, I also know that just because some thing's in print, it doesn't make it true.
The book is called Classic Crafts And Recipes Inspired By The Songs Of Christmas. There are quite a few projects I would definitely make. And I had taken more pictures than the ones that are included in this post. Unfortunately, the sun seems to have gone on winter vacation from my area of Pennsylvania, so a lot of the pictures didn't come out. Anyway, it was adoration at first sight when I saw the felt stockings and coasters.

So much so, that I felt inspired to make my own coasters, plus give them a little bag to be tucked into when not in use. These were really fun to make.

My favorites are the acorns with the squirrel bag. And yes, I have been knitting too. I finished Sophie's Sugar On Snow for the Do Something New KAL and I love how it came out. I'll try to post FO pictures of it on Monday or Tuesday.

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PINKA said...

I love the white felt bag with the squirrel: it matches so well with the acorns!