Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Aw Suga' Suga'................Honey Honey

My Sugar On Snow FO
Started: November 19, 2007
Finished: November 30, 2007
Knit For: The Do Something New KAL, and given to Sophia. For the month of November my new technique to try was cables. And let me tell you, these were some easy cables. They consisted of "K2tog but do not drop stitches from left needle, k into first of these sts again, drop both stitches from left needle." Prior to doing this project, when I thought of cables, I envisioned things like using cable needles, or learning how to do it w/0 the cable needle, and having to focus to be sure I was crossing in the right direction. I had no idea such simple cables as this existed. Once I realized how simple this pattern was, I was a little disappointed. I had been looking forward to really expanding my knitting techniques. But if anything, it whetted my appetite for cables. Expect to see more adventuress attempts in the future.
The pattern: I thought it was really well written and found no errors. I appreciated the authors thoughtfulness in things like giving gauge in stockinette for the purpose of yarn substitution, and advising that if you choose to substitute a merino wool yarn (which has more spring) in place of the recommended Alpaca/Silk, then you should work an additional repeat to ensure the hat will be long enough.
Yarn: I substituted Jaeger Extra Fine Merino Chunky (in Cream) for the Knit Picks Elegance. Used Tahki Cotton Classic (in Red) for the I-cord.
Modifications: From reading about other peoples experience with this pattern on Ravelry, I saw that a lot of them were disappointed that theirs came out shorter than they had hoped for. So I was careful to try the in-progress hat on Sophia quite a few times. I ended up working two whole extra 4 row repeats beyond what the pattern recommended in order for it to be long enough to comfortably cover her ears. If there's anything that will ruin my opinion of a hat that I otherwise would love, is its being too short. I think it looks dorky.


Hadley Gets Crafty said...

That hat is so cute... as is the girl in it.

I'm so glad I read your post devoted to felt art. I've been trying to figure out what to make for my grandfather and step-father. Where did all of my gift making time go? Anyway, I think a cutwork felt stocking might be just the thing: not too time consuming, good looking, and hand made. Thanks for the inspiration!

corry said...

Love the hat...and great pictures too! And about the quote of the week...I can't agree more!

Knitted Gems said...

This hat looks great. And your little girl is adorable.
I hope you will do more cables now. They are perhaps my favorite detail to use in knitting.

JAZEVOX said...

nice photography, and hat too

The Knitting Blog by Mr Puffy the Dog said...

What a cute hat - and your little girl is just precious. You sound busy - I hope it all gets done on time!