Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Stupid Knitter Tricks

Another title that was in the running for this post was, "I Want To Kick My Own Ass". What is with me and mindless knitting mistakes lately?! I worked out a pattern for Clyde's sweater and knit the back and front. I did have to frog and redo the neck shaping on the front. My first try left me with a neck that decreased too slowly, and was therefore to deep. So anyway, I sewed the right shoulder of the completed front and back together, leaving the other shoulder un-sewn so I could pick up the stitches for the turtleneck with straight needles. I was trying to avoid fiddly double points, because I often have trouble with ladders at the joins. While I was picking up the stitches, and the whole time I was knitting the turtleneck, I was listening to the Lime & Violet podcast. I must have become a little too absorbed in listening to them (they're hilarious). Because the next thing I know, I've bound off the turtleneck, and I go to seam the last two shoulders together and discover this:
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See how I've magically made one shoulder disappear?! Would you like to know the secret behind such an amazing trick? Well...............alright. But first, a disclaimer:

This trick was performed by a professional knitting moron, and should not be attempted at home.

You see, it's really quite simple. I picked up and knit stitches all along the neckline and the left shoulder. =}

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