Friday, November 2, 2007

I Am A Greedy, Greedy Girl

I got out of work earlier than usual today. So I decided to ignore all other responsibilities, and play on the internet for a while. I added more knitting books that I own to my Ravelry Library (I'm pretty sure you'll have to be a member to view that link). So far it has 60 in it. I actually have more, but they're not in Ravelry's data base yet so I can't add them. Then, since playing with virtual knitting books was so fun, I went and updated my Amazon Wish Lists. I've created links to them over in the side bar. It was then that I came to the conclusion that I am a greedy, greedy girl. Here's why:
I own approximately: 75 knitting books
and: 32 sewing books
I currently covet: 64 knitting books
and: 17 sewing books

For a total of: 188 knitting & sewing books I feel should be on my shelves

That doesn't take into account knitting and sewing magazines and sewing patterns I own or covet. And yet, it all seams perfectly reasonable to me. However, I know if I shared those numbers and thoughts with a non knitting/sewing person, they would look at me like I had grown a third eye. But that's precisely why I'm sharing this with all of you, and not my brother or my neighbor. =) So without further ado, I give you:

Ode To Knitting And Sewing Books I Do Not Own

Oh how I covet thee
Spines tight, pages glossy
There's always room on my shelves for new
Though fickle is my lust for you
As soon as I've been under your covers
I'll toss you aside in pursuit of others
But hate me not for my trolloping style
And let me lay my hands on you awhile
For now, you're all my eyes can see
Oh how I covet thee

So now that Rabbit is finished, and I haven't yet mustered up the motivation to figure out how I made such a mess of Seed Stitch Dress, what is on my knitting needles? My very first attempt at designing my own sweater! And I took to heart the advice to "start small". Remember these guys? Well this is Clyde. And he is in need of a sweater.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketPhoto Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
(He's a little embarrassed about being photographed naked.)

As none of the books on my shelf bear the title "Knits For Puppets", I'm designing my own. I'm nearly done with the back. His sister Persnickety is all finished and dressed in her ducky best.

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String Theory Blog said...

Okay, 2 things:
1.) when is the lucky baby due? You might not have made a very wide baby dress, you might have been a genius for helping a new mom layer . . . .
2.) Knitting and crafting books - I'm always looking for new interesting things I don't have and haven't heard of. Amazon, etc. and I'm rarely surprised. I abuse my ILL department and still haven't been too surprised, but then a friend at work showed me LibraryThing ( Want to go mad coveting things?