Thursday, October 11, 2007

If I Wanted Your Opinion....

I would ask for it. And I am. I'm stuck in a rut of indecisiveness about the gift-for-friend-having-a-new-baby #1. I can't decide between knitting a seed stitch dress, or knitting a sweater and sewing a dress to go with it. Here's the seed stitch dress:

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It's from Debbie Bliss Special Knits. I would make it in the same yarn (Rowan All Seasons Cotton) that I made the bonnet and mary janes in. And though it's called a dress, as you can see in the picture, it actually fits the model more like a long shirt or tunic. I would lengthen it slightly so it did fit like a dress. Here are my pros and cons for this option:
  1. It would knit up fast and easy, and I could be done with this project.
  2. It's convenient that it's done in seed stitch, so the whole outfit will looked planned and well matched.
  3. I just think it's a really cute dress. =)
  1. Part of me feels like it will create a blue seed stitch over-kill. The outfit will look, well, just kinda "flat", in comparison to option two.
Here's the sweater (also from Special Knits) and fabric I would use to make the dress ( a simple A-line). It's 100% cotton with a floral print panel on the bottom. :

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  1. I think the different texture and fabric of the dress will add visual interest to the outfit.
  2. Having a dress and a sweater makes it more versatile to accommodate cool or warm weather.
  3. I would get to knit something with beads, which I've never done before.
  1. Obviously making two more articles of clothing will take longer than making just one, and the lazy bastard part of me keeps reminding me of this point.
  2. For some reason that I can't figure out, Debbie Bliss wrote the pattern for the sweater so that you knit it first and then painstakingly hand sew each bead on one-by-one. I flat out refuse to do that. So I would have to re-work the pattern so as to knit the beads in. I'm a little intimidated by that, because as I mentioned before, this would be my very first ever beaded knit project.
I would really like it if you would let me hear your opinion on this matter. Which do you like better? If it were being given to you, which option would please you more? Leave your vote in the comments. If I get at least eleven (I chose an odd number to avoid any ties) votes by next Thursday, I'll go with whatever the majority chose.

So this is what Sophia and I did after school yesterday:

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Decorated the mantle above the fire place.

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Soph wanted her room to look "Hallo-weeny" too, so we put a giant spider web across the corner with the bookshelf. Can you see the spider?

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He's stuffed with leaves and sitting on our front porch.

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Our spooooooky front door.

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Sophie's jack-o-lantern. She drew the face, and I cut it out. The things you see on the sides are his ears. =)

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The pumpkin I made. It's teeny tiny compared to hers - about a tenth of the size.
She was so excited about all of the decorations, and had so much fun doing them. Having kids makes holidays so much more meaningful, and their excitement's contagious. =) I haven't enjoyed the holidays the way I do with Sophie, since I was a kid.


Anonymous said...

I just happened by for the first time and thought I'd respond to your question. The dress is my choice. How about crocheting a few flat flowers (use embroidery floss or pearl cotton) and stitch them on at the empire waist. I'd make it the same length as the pattern.

Craftybernie said...

I think whichever you decide to make and give, will be very much appreciated.

I do love the knitted dress. It would work well across different seasons. Mum could add a long sleeve top underneath for extra warmth during colder months.

A baby cardi with beads is just too lovely for words. How many kids clothes are embellished this way - not enough - for fear of choking the child to death!

Knitting with beads is so much easier than you think. I don't understand why some designers suggest either stitching them on afterwards (yawn) or picking up each bead with a fine crochet hook every time you want to add one (double yawn!). Seriously, there's more chance of the beads working loose if they're just 'stitched' on rather than knit into the fabric.

If you want to add beads, you simply have to load up your ball of wool with as many beads as you think you'll need plus a few extra. This way you can slide the bead up to wherever you need it as you knit.

(If you GOOGLE this you will find an explanation of how to get the beads onto the ball of wool without threading them on one by one (triple yawn)!)

Seed stitch is lovely. It's a nice way to add texture to baby/toddler clothes without being too bulky. I think cables can be very 'thickening' on a chubby baby.

When giving clothes as presents I always ask myself whether something will be worn -

1) if it's too nice it may never see the light of day for fear that the baby will puke/crap on it.

2) can mum wash it on a regular basis without fear of destroying it.

Hope I haven't added to your stress for this project. If it were me, I would probably go overboard and give everything!!! But that's just me.

String Theory Blog said...

I think I like the dress - more choices and seasons, and something beaded seems better for a slightly older kid - less apt to snack on the beads. I think we overstifle little kids with safety, but maybe it's the mom thing. But they're both lovely - I'd like the cardigan.
FYI, since you asked