Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Bits, Pieces, And Body Parts

That's what you'll be getting today. Random bits and pieces to update you on, and the body parts part...........well, read on to find out. It's not as scary (or creepy) as it might sound. I want to say thank you to FiddleLee and Amanda for being brave enough to guess what those polka dotted thingies were from this post. While FiddleLee's answer (pockets to be sewn onto a diaper bag) made me consider new possibilities I could use in the future, Amanda's answer was right. She guessed that they were part of a case for circular knitting needles. They're pockets to be exact. And they'll be 24 of them inside of an outer case that zips up. I really wanted to have the completed project to show you before I revealed the answer. And I would have, except last night when I went to put the zipper on, I discovered that I don't own a zipper that's long enough. Which was kinda surprising considering that I have a plastic box full of zippers. Let me explain. You see, like most crafters I like to hoard/collect crafting supplies similar to the way squirrels stash nuts in the fall. Except unlike squirrels and nuts, my habit is not a seasonal thing, done only in preparation for dropping temperatures. I'm constantly on the look out for new stash enhancements. But I feel that it's necessary to have a very large stash, simply because of the way I go about creating most of my projects. I very rarely choose a project, write a list of all the materials needed, go the store and buy those things, and then start the project. 99% of the time I get an idea out of nowhere and want to start on it while the inspiration is there, in other words, right now. Or I'll impulsively decide that Sophie doesn't have enough sweaters in the middle of the night, and want to start on a new one. Since I can't exactly drag her out of bed to make a trip to the 24 hour yarn store that doesn't exist around here, I have to have supplies on hand. A large variety of supplies, so I'm not limited because I don't have the materials I need for a project.

I'm about to reveal how much of a dork I really am, by how excited I was to discover this! Pink Hat SEO featured my blog on her Sunday Blog Review! It's the first time (to my knowledge) that anyone's ever written about Girl Meets Yarn on their blog. I've only been blogging for about 2 1/2 months, and it made my blog feel a little more real by being acknowledged by somebody I don't already know.

I'm always on the look out for craftistas with amazing style who blog. Last week I found Pinka's blog. I ADORE her creations. Very original and bursting at the seams with cuteness. Also, check out the Flickr Gallery of Cupcakes For Clara's work. The cupcake aprons on the second page fill me with the irrational urge to buy 20 or so of them, and figure out what to do with all of them later.

Last night when I came to the frustrating realization that yet another project would be added to the "almost done pile" until I make a long overdue trip to the craft store, I did the only thing a person can do in that situation. I started a new project. What you see below are the makings of 4 hand puppets. They still have to have their personalities added. You know - hair, noses, mouths, maybe a hat for one, glasses for another, their own unique outfit, and whatever else my impulses dictate. So one day soon, maybe I'll have a finished-project-showing extravaganza.

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This photo caught my eye when I logged into Photobucket today. It actually caused me to say "Aaaaaaaaw", aloud, so I thought I'd share. Doesn't it make you want to go hug your kitty? =)

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Danielle said...

I am glad that you enjoyed seeing my mention of your blog - you have a great blog here! Keep it up. You are clearly passionate about the topic you blog about and this alone makes it interesting. :)