Sunday, September 9, 2007

Colors and Babies

Lately my friends are becoming pregnant like it's contagious. And in a knitter's world, new life means new knits. In my search through my knitting books and yarn stash to find baby gifts to make, I've found my appreciation of color being renewed. For me, color has the power to make my insides swell with appreciation and awe, to invoke emotion, feeling, and enthusiasm. I'm entertained by the endless ways colors can be combined. And how changing the proportions or combinations can create an entirely different feel. I also notice that I'm inherently drawn to certain combinations. The first picture is one such combination.

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Whenever I encounter an image with those colors, I find myself pausing to admire. It brings to mind the words "soft", "feminine", "beginnings", and "spring". When I was editing the photo for posting, I felt the urge to experiment. I ended up with the second photo, which I find equally beautiful, but in a whole different way. When I look at it, my mind thinks of rich, creamy toffees and silky caramels, sandy beaches and hand-knit teddy bears. In the third photo, I removed all color and was surprised to find it left me with a feeling of sadness and loss. Let me say that when it comes to photographs of people, I love black and white. It takes away the pretenses and distractions, and more fully highlights the infinite things I find beautiful about a human being - from the curve of a jawline to a hint of mischievousness that seems to dance from a gleam in an eye. But when it comes to yarn, so much of the pleasure I derive is in the colors. To take that element away, is to lose an integral part of what I love about knitting.

Do you ever stop to truly admire the colors all around you? Have you ever gotten lost in the hue of a flower? Has doing so ever made them seem to grow in intensity and even pulse with life, like your noticing them for the first time? Can you imagine our world without color? Doing so makes me realize what a gift we've been given in color. And as with any gift, the value is found when we take the time to appreciate it.

Here's to new life and color. We humans are blessed to experience both.

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