Thursday, August 2, 2007

Um...........Oops!.........Ramen noodles, anyone?

Okay, there was a mistake with the left front - more than one actually. And not all of them were the fault of Vogue Knitting. Remember how I said "the maths weren't adding up?" Well that was because I did the math wrong. All my fault. After knitting a good five inches and things were looking a little strange, I re-checked the math and got a completely different number than I did the first time. So I had to rip back those five inches. I confess, when it hit me than I would have to pull out that much, I seriously contemplated whipping the whole thing behind the couch and acting like it never existed. =) Then I gave myself a little pep talk about "how the people who give up at the first sign of difficulty don't get very far in life (or knitting)", and "think how glad you'll be that you didn't give up, when it's finished and your wearing it", yada, yada, yada. Then to make the whole ripping process a little less painful, I decided to let my five year nephew Toby have the honor. It was fun to watch the enjoyment on his face while he did it - for once he was actually being asked to "destroy" something, instead of getting in trouble for it. And is it just me? Or does the curly pile of yarn you end up with after you've frogged something, remind you of Ramen Noodles?

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Anyway, I did find another mistake that's not corrected on the VK website. The Staggered Rib Pattern has an eight row repeat. On the instructions for the Back piece, they have you work a total of eight rows of Staggered Rib. Okay, great - I did that with no problems. But on the Left Front, they instruct you to work the Staggered Rib for a total of nine rows. That would leave an extra row of Staggered Rib just sitting around at the top, looking out of place. Plus, I took a nice close look at the picture of the one on the model, and it definitely didn't have that extra 9th row on it.

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There's one other part where there might be a problem. But I won't know for sure until I've spent some more time with the pattern, calculator, pencil, and tablet. I've learned my lesson about prematurely pointing fingers - my humble apologies to Vogue Knitting for blaming them for my questionable math skills.

I did a Google search to try to find anyone else who had completed this project and blogged about it. I only found two people, one of which had a blog - yes, i MADE that (scroll down when you get to her page). So far that I've found, she made no mention of having problems with the pattern.

And lastly, look what I signed out of the library today. Being a new blogger, there are about a million and seven questions I have about customizing my page. Hopefully this book can answer a few of them.


Marisa said...

Good luck in customizing your blog...let me know how that goes, I'm still learning too. So far, I really like your photos and projects.

Steph said...

Thank you Marisa. =) When I try out and like any new techniques, I'll post a how-to for others to use. By the way, I peeked at your blog and I think it's coming along nicely. Beautiful photos and a reader friendly format.