Friday, July 20, 2007

Those who knit for children are very brave (or masochistic)

Disclaimer: I am utterly exhausted from lack of sleep and all this moving business. Therefore, if the following post is complete gibberish, I can't be held responsible as I'm pleading temporary insanity.

I'm posting my first finished project for this blog! Follow along with the pictures, to hear all about my exciting photo shoot with Sophia.

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Sophie glaring at me because I've put all her toys into big boxes and taped them shut, and the last thing she wants to do is pose for me.

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Sophie (sort of) smiling because I've bribed her with candy. (All right! All right! I might have kinda threatened to only ever make things for me from this day on, if she didn't cooperate.) (Okay FINE! There was the teeniest amount of pouting on my part, about all the time I put into that sweater and now she's giving me such a hard time. But in my defense, sometimes bribing, or threats, or guilt trips don't work when used on their own, and you have to find the right creative mix to get the result your looking for.)

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Sophie running away. {sigh} There's only so much you can ask of a five year old.

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Barbara C. said...

Love your daughter's bolero. The curves lie so nice and flat and smooth. Good work!
Barbara C.